What To Look For In A Family Dentist

Dentists are licensed practitioners that hold either a doctor of dental medicine (DMD) degree, or the equivalent doctor of dental surgery (DDS) degree. Becoming a dentist is a long process, involving a required two years of pre-dental college, followed by four years of study in dental school. While you might think the work-load would weed out most, if not all the bad seeds, there are still a few who make it through the process and into public practice. In this article we will offer tips on what to look for when shopping for a new family dentist.Maestro Smiles

The Positives

A good dentist will always take a personal interest in a patients help, making suggestions that will ultimately benefit the individual both heath-wise and financially. He or she will suggest a full-mouth study via x-ray unless a suitable record can be provided from the previous physician.

A good examination includes the inspection of teeth, gums, lips, tongue, palate, and facial skin alongside a checkup of the lymph nodes for any possible issues that may need to be addressed. Any findings are then documented in detail before discussing treatment options.

As with most industries, high quality work will usually last much longer than shoddy treatments. Whereas you may be inclined to use price as a way to determine the quality initially, it’s more reliable to judge this aspect based on the amount of time taken to get the job done. Good work takes time and should not be rushed.


Watch out for flamboyant advertising. This is typically a sign of an emphasis on cash flow, rather than quality care. Where there are lower fees per service, the number of services performed may actually be more than needed, thus resulting in a higher overall cost.

Practices that place a strong emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, sedation methods, or one-stop check ups may not be so interested on building a long term relationship with their patients if it does not generate a high amount of income.

Offices that sell vitamins or other supplements should be avoided as well. Keep an eye out for dentists who:

-Immediately recommend the removal of teeth that have root canals

-“Specialize” in treating backaches or other types of issues not directly related to oral care.

-Claim to practice “holistic” or “biological” dentistry methods.

When it comes to the care safely of your loved ones, the thing to trust in is your gut. If your dentist makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason at all, you may want to begin looking elsewhere.