Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy – Things to know

Why did you become a hypnotherapist?

It’s great being a hypnotherapist as I have a great passion for what I do. Even though I work around about the same hours as the average worker, I never see myself as ‘in the rat race’ and I always have a spring in my step as I go off to work each morning. The job pays well, however I don’t see myself financially secure either – more like financially free as I do my job not for the money, but as my vocation in life. This is great as money is then just a symptom of what I really love to do – rather than being something that controls what I do. Being a hypnotherapist is great and I really believe that wild horses would find it difficult to drag me away from it.Do you want to learn more? Visit Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy

What do you do day to day?

My day to day schedule can be very different from week to week, which is great as it means that I get loads of variety in what I do. Most days I will head into the office and write any articles that I have to do for a website or maybe a magazine that I am working with. I then get onto my mail and do the day to day stuff that is needed for running a hypnotherapy business. This could be anything from marketing to accounts. Then I usually have a clinic where I could see between three to eight clients. This is really the time that I love as it is a privileged position that I have in helping my clients with life changing issues that they may have. Seeing them get success is my reason for doing the job that I do.

What types of things do hypnotherapists help with?

Hypnotherapists can help with a whole range of issues, however most tend to gravitate around solutions for smoking, slimming and stress or the three S’s as I refer to them. I personally help people with relationship and sexual issues, including getting over relationship break-ups, jealousy, anger management, impotence, premature ejaculation and many other issues around this area. I also see my fair share of the three S’s too!

If I wanted to know more about becoming a hypnotherapist, where could I get some information?

You can get information on becoming a hypnotherapist from the many hypnotherapy organisations worldwide. You can also start to read books on self hypnosis as this is a great place to start as it will give you a great taste for what the topic has to offer.