House Call Physician

There was a time when it was normal for a doctor (with his classic black bag) to make house calls. It was convenient and comfortable, and the patient-doctor relationship improved outcomes. With the advent of modern medicine and specialized medical services, the house call doctor was nowhere to be seen. you can look here.

Fortunately, the house call doctor has returned!

Here are the top reasons why it makes sense to call your doctor home rather than walking into a clinic or a hospital.

-Less Waiting

Waiting to see a doctor can be frustrating, especially since you are not feeling well. With house calls, you don’t have to wait to be seen in a crowded waiting room. The less time the you spend in the waiting room, the more time you can spend recovering from your illness.

-More Comfort

You never look forward to a visit to a doctor’s clinic. Either it is too crowded or someone’s kid is screaming or someone’s coughing too close to you.

House Calls, by contrast, offer a comfortable experience because you are in your own space. You aren’t going from room-to-room or explaining your health issue to every staff member. When your doctor visits with you, you get his/her undivided attention and care. This is ideal for most people.


Taking your kid to the doctor is a huge challenge. Trying to manage your sick child or ensuring that your child doesn’t break anything or hurt herself or himself, is not easy. A house call doctor is a blessing for these parents as the kids can stay in a safe and familiar environment while they are assessed.

-More Time

Clinic and hospital visits often mean long waiting and short consultation. On the other hand, house call doctor visits are sooner and longer. That means an unrushed visit by your doctor, at your house means and faster than you would ever get to see a doctor at a clinic. That allows your doctor time not only to diagnose and treat your current symptoms, but also advise you on better lifestyle and preventing future illness.

-Prevent ER Visits

Many people may find it difficult to travel to a walk-in clinic or hospital. For example, their work hours are such that they can’t make it to a walk-in clinic during consultation hours. This may make them delay going to a doctor till it’s too late, resulting in worsening of their situation. A simple consultation with a doctor could have saved them an ER visit.

Access to convenient medical attention early can get you timely and proper treatment and help you avoid the visit to the emergency room.