TouchUpLaser – Some Insight

Related imageObviously, you’ve heard of laser hair removal for a long time. Because most mechanisms used in this form of procedure were granted FDA approval in the 1990s, and since laser hair removal has gained so much popularity in across the United States you will likely hear about a continuing barrage of new methods to get rid of body hair. However, there’s one kind of laser hair removal that you probably haven’t heard of called LaserFast. news

It is a unique hair removal mechanism that removes hair a bit differently than other procedures. You might not have heard of it at your local laser spa, but as the procedure becomes more readily available your local technician might offer it to you.

Here are a few of the best advantages of using the LaserFast technology:

It has a laser that encompasses double the area of most outmoded lasers used for hair removal. This allows for a more speedy experience with less pain. The technician couples the use ofthe laser with a tiny cooling mechanism that propels cool air on your skin as the laser works its magic. The end result is a much less painful experience that can permanently remove hair.

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LaserFast emits little, fast pumping beams of light that go amid the skin, burning the hair follicle at its root. This form of heat energy causes the follicle to basically implode, subside, and it won’t be growing back.

If you come in for a free consultation (or come straight to your first appointment), your technician at will explain all the necessary information about the process. Furthermore, for those who want the initial facts, check out these specifics.

After getting your laser hair removal treatment session, your hair is still going to be able to be seen. Laser treatment doesn’t eliminate visible hair. This wouldn’t be any different from shaving. Rather, the LaserFast process burns the hair follicles at their roots. It takes several days for your body to release this hair. Then the hair is eliminated once and for all.