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Related imageBefore things start hotting up it’s important to make sure you keep all the records concerning your vehicle and the attempted repairs because they will definitely be needed if you need to call on the Lemon Law in your state. At the very least, make sure you’ve kept a copy of the car guarantee in a safe place and keep all the repair receipts and a diary, or log book, of the time taken over the repairs and, in particular, the time your vehicle was off the road. Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson

Dealers are required to give you a written car warranty under which they must repair, free of charge, any problems that occur in those parts that are covered. In some cases, the dealer may have the option to reimburse you for the reasonable cost of repairs but check your car warranty to see if this applies to you.

That’s fine for relatively minor cases but if your car needs major repair work then start researching the Lemon Law statutes in your state. Many problems during the car guarantee period, such as noises and the odd rattle, may not constitute a defect, but a sizeable problem or problems will probably be a breach of the Lemon Law. Keep notes of the dates of all the repair work to your car and how long your car was “in the repair shop” and “off the road.” Once again, make sure you keep the receipts for the repairs in a safe place.

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It won’t normally be long before you’ve made up your mind if you really do have a lemon and then is the time to start getting your notes and receipts all together. You should become familiar with your state’s Lemon Law statute and put together a list of local Lemon Law attorneys. Check with the Attorney General’s office in your state for more information.

Take the time to put together all the necessary paperwork. Take the car service contract with you and be sure to have each and every work order performed on your car, as well as any service bulletins issued that may relate to the problem or defects you’re having. Your will find that your individual state Lemon Law will include a list of records that you must have to proceed with an action. You should take with you any reports or correspondence you’ve received from the dealer concerning the repairs.

It all makes for a lot of paperwork, but, as with all legal matters, the devil is in the detail and you can never keep enough details to ensure a successful Lemon Law action.