More About Bread Making

Bread can consume volumes when looked studied. Originally, say 10,000 years ago, grain crops mashed with water and fried on hot rocks to form the first flat breads. Later, the Egyptians cultivated yeasts to make the dough rise and provided a lighter fluffed product. The Romans introduced the world to bread when their soldiers were paid with it. In the 1600’s, poor people ate whole wheat breads while the nobility preferred white bread. Today, alas, bread has other chemical additives which move it further away from its humble beginnings. useful reference is an excellent resource for this.

Let’s clear up some of the myths about bread which exist today. In our faced paced commercialized world, what we are told by unscrupulous marketers is not always the reality of what you are purchasing.

Myth #1 Rye bread is a 100% whole grain high fiber bread.

Actually: You can tell what is 100% whole grain by reading the first ingredient listed on the package. When I looked at my local super market, what I found on most all Rye bread was that the first ingredient listed was unbleached enriched flour. The second and third ingredients listed were water and rye flour. A further look on the nutrients label showed a slice of rye bread had only 1 gram of fiber. So don’t be fooled by what you are told.

Myth #2 Just because it is brown and has the term wheat in the title, it must be whole grain high in fiber.

Actually: Again while at my local super market, I inspected the labeling of so called whole wheat breads. If that ever important first ingredient is white flour, you’ve been had. If you are expecting to buy whole wheat bread, than look for the package to be labeled 100% whole wheat and double check to see that that is the first ingredient.

Myth #3 Bread is void of calories.

Actually: It depends on what bread you buy. 100% whole wheat bread is high in bran fiber and vitamins and is considered heart healthy.

Myth #4 Bread makes you fat.

Actually: Read the nutrition label. In 2003, The Journal of Food Composition and Analysis published a report of a study of over 1500 women show that women who consumed 100% whole wheat bread weighed less than women who consumed white bread.

Myth #5 Gluten is bad for you.

Actually: This is partially true. People with wheat allergies or who suffer from celiac disease are restricted from eating gluten. It may not be bad for the rest of us, but it has no real nutritional value either.

Bridgepoint Funding -An Overview

Purchasing a home can be a confusing time for first time home buyers. In the game of the purchasing and selling of Real Estate there are 5 main players. The buyer, seller, their respective real estate agents, lender, and most importantly, the mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is more than just the individual who sets up your new loan. They are also the only player in the game that truly has the buyer’s best interest in mind. Bridgepoint Funding

Mortgage Broker: The Translator

Not everybody has a background in real estate and mortgage brokers understand that. While initially setting up your loan, your prospective lender will require certain documents from you and/or about the property you are purchasing. Some of these documents may include, a marketable title, a preliminary HUD-1 statement, and a 1003. As a first time home buyer, you will need a mortgage broker to convey these in layman’s terms to you. Thankfully, mortgage brokers are well versed in the vocabulary used by real estate agents, lenders, and even title companies.

Mortgage Broker: The Negotiator

For those of us with less than perfect credit, obtaining a mortgage straight from your local bank can be frustratingly futile. Banks look solely at the bottom line (i.e. your credit score) to determine whether you are eligible for a mortgage loan or not. A mortgage broker has access to several lenders at any given time which allows them to navigate what each lender can offer you. Not the other way around. Additionally, mortgage brokers will negotiate interest rates and loan terms on your behalf to the lender; considering your best interests all throughout the process. The types of loans that are available (fixed, adjustable, hybrid) contain fine print conditions that could greatly effect your monthly payments. A mortgage broker can work with you to match your budget to the right type of loan.

Mortgage Broker: The Ally

Mortgage Brokers acts as a go-between for all of the parties involved in the purchase process. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mini conversations occurring on a daily basis between all of the parties that you, as the buyer, are not aware are even taking place. Some of these conversations are about how the lender may need more information to go forward or how the title provided to them by the seller has certain liens that concern them. The broker will resolve these issues on your behalf so as to not worry you with every little detail. This is a huge asset to having a mortgage broker. There are numerous tasks for a first time home buyer to complete without having to deal with every item that may come up in the purchasing process. Most importantly, mortgage brokers do not keep typical “bankers hours” and have multiple means of contacting them, such as office number, mobile number, and email address. Because although you may not want to be involved in every minor occurrence in the process, you would still want to know that your issues can be resolved when and if they arise.

Cake – The Dessert for Important Occasions

Image result for CakeWhen you look at the different varieties of cakes, you will find that it is difficult to differentiate between them and breads. However, a basic one will have flour, sugar, butter and eggs. The best way to describe a cake is to call it a desert. When it comes to weddings and other types of important functions it has become the choice desert these days. It is quite normal to add various decorations to them when it becomes necessary to serve them in functions. more info here

There are quite a few varieties of cakes these days. The basic cakes appear similar to bread. But there are others that are crafted with a lot of effort. While some cakes have several layers of different flavors there are others that have fruit incorporated in them in either layers or as a mixture. When it comes to sizes also this important snack has a good variety. The size of a cake could depend on the occasion for which it is made for.

Butter cakes that contain butter, eggs, sugar and flour are the most basic cakes that use trapped air inside to maintain its form. Once the baking is finished, the decorations could be added according to the requirements. Cake decoration is a special art that needs a lot of experience and skill. There is the possibility to use various methods for adding decorations. By adding various additives such as cocoa powder and vanilla flavor, you have the option to make them have the flavors you wish to have.

Image result for Cake

With modern trends cake making has been made very much easier. There are pre mixes with which you could make them these days. These pre mixes available in shops are able to provide short cuts to mixing various ingredients. Even the cake decorations are available in the market today. Therefore there is no need to add those decorations taking lots of pains. These ingredients are not expensive either.

Out of the many different kinds of cakes the most popular is the birthday cake. You cannot imagine a person who has not cut one of these. Kids wait for their birthdays to cut their birthday cakes in order to treat their parents and friends with it as it is the major event in a birthday party. Often, they are decorated with the names of the birthday boys and girls or their favorite pastimes. Decorations could be added into this special snack so that the birthday boy or the girl will be very happy.