8Easy Steps To Make Perfect Steak

The New York strip steak is a very expensive beef cut because of its outstanding tenderness and flavor. It is considered by many experts as the standard for beef steaks and cuts. It is the considered by beef lovers as the best for its marbling quality, taste and texture. Other cuts of beef which are also sought after by beef connoisseurs include the top sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse, filet mignon and rib eye. Some cuts are best served rare with a just a fair amount of seasoning and flavor and herb butter on the side.How To Cook Easy And Instant SteakĀ 

You can choose among two delivery options as far as meats are concerned. These are delivered as fresh cuts right after the butchering process to ensure that the freshness and the good quality of the meat are retained. You can also decide to have the it pre-grilled straight from the restaurants. This option is ideal for those who maintain a very hectic schedule and don’t have the time to prepare and cook their own meat.

Here are some useful tips in order to get a perfectly grilled meal.

TIP #1 – Grill straight from the refrigerator

The best way to grill is by taking it straight out from your refrigerator and to the grill. This is the right way of grilling. Many think that cooking it when it has reached room temperature is the proper way. Experts agree, cold is better.

TIP #2 – Grilling Temperature

The perfect grilled meat is determined by the right grilling temperature. It is important to maintain the appropriate temperature in grilling to ensure that the meat is cooked evenly. Beef experts would normally recommend medium. High grilling temperature would normally give you an overcooked and charred piece with the interior not reaching the desired level of doneness.

TIP #3 – Flareups spoil the grilling process.

It is essential that you remove excess fat by trimming the beef cuts before grilling to prevent flare-ups.

TIP #4 – Follow the proper turning technique

It is highly recommended that you use a long handled tongs in doing the proper turning technique for your beef. You can use spatulas for burgers. Avoid using forks in turning the meat as it will pierce the beef which would lead to the loss of the beef juices.

TIP #5 – Monitor the temperature

You have to monitor the doneness of the beef steak by taking the temperature by inserting an instant read type of thermometer at the center of the steak.

TIP #6 – Strictly adhere to the required internal temperatures

Maintain grilling of steaks at least 145 F for medium rare doneness. The center of the beef will turn pure pink and the exterior part becomes slightly brown. Burgers must be grilled at least 160 F for a medium doneness. Continue grilling until the center of the meat is no longer pink and the juices no longer exhibit any pink color on them.

TIP #7 – Monitor the visual quality of the meat

You can check the level of doneness of the steak visually by making cuts at the center using a sharp knife to check the color of the interior part of the meat.

TIP #8 – Use appropriate pieces of beef and do the right marinating

The tender beef steaks must be marinated for at least 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours to ensure that the flavor is properly absorbed. A lesser quality piece may be marinated for up to six hours. Be sure to add a tenderizing enzyme to the marinade to achieve the maximum tenderness.