How to Weld Aluminum Near By- 5 Tips

MIG welding aluminum is different from MIG welding steel. The one, but important distinction which we are interested in is that MIG welding aluminum is just harder. That is because aluminum welding exaggerates the problems with welding any other metal like steel. There are things where aluminum is just special. For example, aluminum welding requires that you use pure Argon as shielding gas. Aluminum also requires the voltage and speed settings to be much more precise than with steel. Gun angle also plays a major role when you aluminum weld.

Here are five tips to help you get the best out of aluminum welding.

-Use a spool gun – A spool gun should remove the problem with the kinks and binds that are collected inside the MIG gun by the MIG lead. A Teflon liner or special torch may also work, but the best option is a spool gun.How to Weld near by

-Push don’t pull – Pushing works better and allows the metal to be cleaned by the arc. Pulling results in soot. But in case you do have to use pulling, you should clean the work area using a stainless steel brush before you begin welding.

-Use argon or a helium argon mix – Pure Argon is the gas of choice for MIG welding aluminum, but you may also use a 50/50 mixture of Argon and Helium.

-Use a longer stickout – MIG welding aluminum uses spray transfer. A longer stickout will let the spray transfer work better. Plus you will save a lot of tips.

Wire feed speed should be high when you start, and later reduce it as you go.

Learning how to weld aluminum is a challenge, even if you are experienced in welding other types of metal. The best way to learn it is to start doing it.